THE SNP recently held a film night, showing the Ken Loach film, I, Daniel Blake, at Ardrossan Civic Centre.

Given the film’s subject matter, an “entry fee” of a donation to the Foodbank was considered appropriate.

Cllr Jean Mcclung, Branch secretary and co-organiser stated: “The film is a scathing indictment of the current UK benefits system.

“At the end of the evening I can honestly say I saw grown men cry.”

She went on: “The eponymous character, Daniel Blake, finds himself reliant on benefits, through no fault of his own.

“His only “crime” is to have had a heart attack!

“I was pleased to deliver a large number of food items to the Foodbank, donated by our generous members.

“The sterling work carried out by Craig Crosthwaite at the food bank, along with volunteers like chef Darren Fisher, who demonstrates healthy cooking on a budget for the Heat and Eat project, cannot be praised highly enough.”

The councillor told the Herald: “It is

sad, though, to find people in our midst reliant on these facilities in 21st century Scotland.

“I believe this film should be required viewing for all those involved in making decisions on benefits, including our politicians.”