SCOTTISH International and seasoned Footgolfer Rory ‘Cass’ Cassidy is excited to see how the sport will grow in North Ayrshire with the opening of two new courses.

The Ardrossan dad, who plays Footgolf around his busy schedule said: “It’s great to see how much the sport has grown in the few years since I’ve been involved.

“Scotland have gone from a country with a few good players to a country able to comfortably beat the nation regarded as the best in the world both home and away - England.

“The England team was packed with genuinely World Class players and us winning was seen as an impossibility.

“We won for a very simple reason - we played brilliantly, they couldn’t get near us.

“Most of the people in the squad have a course within a 30-minute journey from their house.

“Two new courses opening in North Ayrshire can only be good for the county and the country.

“It will get more people playing, more people getting the bug for the sport and that can only be good for the national team as it will lead to more competition for places.

“Largs is a nice little course with stunning views and it’s tough.

“Anyone who can get to grips with that course can do well at other courses and could really make a name for themselves in the FootGolf world.

“I had no idea where FootGolf would take me when I played it for fun a couple of years ago.

“This year it’s like I’ve been a professional sportsman at times - boarding flights in the early hours of the morning and going away for days at a time to play for Scotland and play in tournaments.

“It could be the same for any number of players within North Ayrshire, but you’ll never know if you don’t give it a try.”