TWO Stevenston friends took to extreme heights to pay tribute to their dads.

On Sunday, October 21, Cheryl Newall and Laura Todd abseiled off the Forth Rail Bridge in Queensferry.

Cheryly told the Herald: “We raised an amazing £1,200 between us and are blown away with the support and encouragement from family, friends and work colleagues.

“Chest Heart and Stroke was our chosen charity as I lost my dad Billy earlier this year after he suffered a stroke to the left side of his brain and Laura’s dad Alan suddenly past away 8 years ago after a heart attack. It’s such a great cause and the money we raised will help so many people.

“This charity is personal to us as we understand the struggle loved ones face when a member of the family suffers a stroke or heart attack we wanted to do something positive in memory of our dads but also something to help support others. We had such an amazing time and enjoyed every minute of the Abseil, we want to express our gratitude to everyone who sponsored us. Thank you so much.”