A back-up facility for the National Grid aimed at reducing energy costs over time is being considered for North Ayrshire.

Genertek Energy Ltd have lodged plans with North Ayrshire Council for a battery storage power plant beside Jameston Farm between Dalry and Kilwinning.

Arran View Battery Storage Facility will provide a rapid response electricity supply when requested by the National Grid and Scottish Power Energy Networks (SPEN) during periods of increased demand.

It is also proposed that the new plant will reduce the level of constraints on existing electricity generators, where oversupply can result in the dumping of surplus energy.

Construction of the plant is estimated to take around 20 weeks, with the majority of the equipment assembled offsite and delivered for installation.

The proposed cable route, which will be underground and designed to minimise disruption, will connect the site to the nearby Kilwinning Grid Supply Point (GSP) substation.

The development will consist of 12 containerised units within a site compound. It will be decommissioned after 25 years.

David Thomas from Genertek said that disruption during construction works will be minimal.

He said: “Where possible we will be using local subcontractors to do the work.”

David added: “One of the big issues in the whole of the UK grid network, especially in Scotland, is that demand outweighs generation. There are peaks and troughs in demand and generation and that volatility pushes up energy prices. Battery storage facilities are able to satisfy the energy needs that the local network will require.

“We’re looking at bringing this new system to Scotland overall, which will reduce costs.

“When there’s too much generation in windfarms, they just dump the surplus energy. They get paid to dump it. With a battery storage facility, you can save some of it rather than dump it.

“There’s no air pollution with batteries so it doesn’t impact anything.

“We will buy the energy from renewable sources. We’re environmentalists at heart.”