Children and staff at St Palladius Primary “work well together in a supportive and nurturing environment” according to the latest Inspection Report by Education Scotland.

The Dalry school was also commended for its “positive impact of staff teamwork on children’s learning” and its “highly effective leadership”.

The report stated: “Teachers, support staff and partners collaborate closely and effectively, to provide a broad curriculum and a range of experiences which enhance children’s learning and achievement.”

It added: “The headteacher provides a very clear sense of direction for the school, setting a tone of high expectations. Increasingly, leadership is being shared across the new staff team, and there are strong examples of children leading specific activities.”

Also praised was the overall quality of teaching, the active learning approaches offered and the “positive ethos, promoted by staff across the school”.

It was also noted that the pupils “are very proud of their school”.

The report stated: “The overall quality of children’s achievement is high. Almost all children achieve well across a range of experiences and activities, preparing them well as confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens.”

St Palladius Primary’s head teacher, Pamela McCallum, said: “We are delighted with this positive report which highlights the fantastic efforts made by the whole school community.

“We are pleased to hear that the inspection found the school to be a nurturing, supportive place which allows the children to develop and learn. And we’re proud that the report found the overall achievements of the pupils is high, not only for their work within the school but throughout the wider community.

“We have a dedicated and caring staff here at St Palladius and that too, is also highlighted in the report. Now we will aim to build on those strengths and to continue to provide a first-class education for our pupils.

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