A FILM night held in Dalry showcasing the history of the town was a wonderful success.

On Friday, October 26, films shown were made in a collaboration involving the community group Bypass Art, The Dalry 55th Scout Group and Maker Space.

The audience were treated to an evening of reminiscence, the local film stars shared their memories of the second world war, rationing, the local shops from days gone by, and the old Dalry Nursery.

The project started in April when the young scouts interviewed and filmed the volunteers, the scouts then edited all the footage in preparation for the addition of images.

Finding images to use as backdrop for the films was a difficult task since a great deal of the memories included buildings that no longer stand, and events that unfortunately weren’t photographed at the time - but six months down the line the films were complete and ready for viewing.

Julie Wales from Bypass Art, said: “This has been such a worthwhile project to do. It has brought different generations together, taught and improved IT skills and will help give future generations an insight into what life has been like over the past century in the little town of Dalry.”

Copies of the film will be given to all those involved with the project and Jill McColl (Cultural and Heritage Officer, NAC) who was also in attendance, will file a copy at the Heritage Centre, Saltcoats.

Julie added: “Many thanks to all those who took the time to participate in this project and also to our audience who attended the film premier at Dalry Library.”