Local children helped plant 1,000 purple crocus bulbs in Beith in support of polio awareness.

The bulbs were donated by Garnock Valley Rotary Club to Beith Orr Park Neighbourhood Watch and were planted at the Scout Hall in Head Street.

The bulbs were planted by uniformed organisations and pupils from Beith and Gateside Primary Schools.

Norrie Brown from Beith Orr Park Neighbourhood Watch said: “After an introduction by Robert Logan on Saturday and Willie Clark on Monday (both of the Garnock Valley Rotary Club), the children collected the bulbs and began the planting with great enthusiasm.

“It is amazing how many bulbs can be planted in a very short time.

“These have been planted on either side of the gate into the hall and should provide a very nice show in the Spring time.

“The bulbs are purple giant ones and the idea is that Rotary are providing these in the process of raising funds for vaccine which will be used in those countries where polio still exists.”