A SALTCOATS man has admitted to sending threatening and abusive messages to his own brother.

Victor Boreman sent a series of “grossly offensive” text messages threatening violence to his brother at Whitlees Crescent on October 21 this year.

Kilmarnock Sheriff Court heard the 55-year-old had previously spent 10 years in jail after being wrongfully convicted of murder in 1998.

Boreman, of Fleming Crescent, was convicted of the 1996 murder of Johnathan Reid who died following a fire in his London flat.

Boreman and two others had admitted to assaulting Mr Reid, but their murder conviction was quashed in 2006 after the pathologist who gave evidence in the case against them was discredited.

Sheriff Michael Hanlon, who will sentence Boreman next month, told the court his violent history had made him wary of allowing bail.

Mr Mann, who was representing Boreman said his client’s previous conviction for murder had been thrown out and he had the full support of his family.

He said: “In the 2006 case he and three others were involved in an incident hours before a fire broke out at the house and the conviction was deemed ‘unsafe’.

“I know from enquires I have made when the family that there has been discord between the two (brothers). But he has the unconditional support of everyone in the family.”

Sheriff Hanlon agreed to bail Boreman but said: “I still have concerns so he will be subject to a curfew whilst on bail.”