STEVENSTON’S answer to Paddington Bear was recently discovered by intrepid litter picker Ian Cassidy.

When Michael Bond’s creation was found by the Brown family at Paddington Station he was sitting by his suitcase, when this little Koala Bear was found on Stevenston Beach he was sitting beside his backpack.

And ‘The World’s Greatest Litter Picker’ is keen for the stuffed bear to be returned home.

Ian told the Herald: “Since Koalas come from Australia, this little chap has came even further than darkest Peru and he didn’t have any marmalade sandwiches in his backpack, instead he a smart meter.

Ian regularly cleans the beach and makes all sorts of interesting finds but is keen to get the bear home to his owner.

He added: “We are sure he is really missing his owner and, no doubt there is a boy or girl somewhere who is really missing him. So if you know who’s bear he is, please contact the paper.”

The Koala had an injury but Ian repaired and laundered both the bear and the backpack and they are in pristine condition once again.

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