A Dalry businessman is threatening to chain himself to his trailer to prevent the council from removing it.

Scott McKendrick, of Advertisign Direct, has accused North Ayrshire Council of using “bullying tactics” after he was served with a notice that he had 28 days to move the vehicle which he regularly uses for work.

Scott said: “I’m going to stand my ground with this. I intend to fight this all the way and will gladly chain myself to the trailer to highlight the unlawful actions of our local council.

“It’s parked where I can keep an eye on it. It’s not on double yellow lines; it’s parked on a one-way street, it’s not been damaged and nobody’s crashed into it. It’s not an obstruction.

“I requested information from the council’s road department. They wouldn’t provide me with anything. They’ve just said there’s some act they can enforce as the reason for moving it.

“North Ayrshire Council Roads Department are adopting bullying tactics. It clearly states in the two road acts quoted that I am in no way violating any acts or law, yet they will not meet with me on site to discuss this.

“A council representative advised me to seek legal action but as a small one-man show, I can’t afford to go to a lawyer.

“I just feel that the way they’re dealing with it is that they’re almost bullying me.”

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “The trailer was illegally parked and in violation of the Road Scotland Act and has now been removed by the owner.”

The Herald put the council’s comment to Scott. He responded: “It’s not been removed, I was out on a job. This is what I don’t understand, it’s not a stationary object. It’s not an object that’s been abandoned. I’ve explained this to the council.”