HUNGRY residents across Ayrshire are being forced to travel to Cumnock to get their hands on the UK’s mosttalked about pastry, a Greggs vegan sausage roll.

The Townhead bakery is the only branch in the county currently offering the cruelty free snack to customers, despite high demands elsewhere.

It comes as the vegan delight has been selling out across the Britain, with punters desperate to try the pastry after its introduction to the Greggs menu divided social media users. But some punters have been left disappointed after being turned away in Greggs stores as only select chains are stocking the new craze.

The vegan delight is on sale in some Glasgow and Edinburgh branches but extremely limited elsewhere.

A baker for the store in Cumnock said: “We are the only shop in the whole of Ayrshire who are stocking the vegan sausage roll.

“I think it’s because we sell more vegetarian stuff so that’s maybe why Greggs picked us.

“I imagine it will be rolled out to all stores eventually but right now if you want one you need to come to us.”