A NEW swap shop was launched at Ardrossan Academy to help the environment and people living in poverty.

Officially opened on Wednesday, January 23, by the school’s headteacher and a Parent Council representative, the Swap Shop is located in the main building, opposite the Main Reception and it aims to make a change to the environment and to the local community and to those living in poverty.

Members of the school community can get involved by bringing in their unwanted and unused items and swapping them for something you do want.

Emma Quinn, Family Learning Worker with North Ayrshire Council said: “Our ‘Take when you need. Give when you can.’ policy means that everyone is welcome at the swap shop weather you have something to swap or simply something you need. The Swap Shop will be open every day during school hours except interval and lunchtime. It will not be manned so that pupils and parents can come and go as they wish.

“The initial set up of the Swap Shop was a combined effort of a number of teachers, Ardrossan Academy’s Family Learning Worker and parent volunteers.

“There were a number of very generous donations from Ardrossan Academy School Fund, Ardrossan Academy’s Parent Council, Ardrossan Academy Organics, Teekay Gas and ASDA as well as uniform donations from parents and young people. Everyone involved would like to say a sincere thank you for all donations made.”

Attending the launch on Wednesday evening were; Anne Anderson (Head Teacher), Lindsay Reid (Depute Head Teacher), Deborah Denovan (PT for Parental Engagement), Samantha Hunter ( Parent Council representative) Emma Quinn (Family Learning Team) and Lyndsey De Caestecker (Teacher).