There is a glimmer of hope for local taxi drivers who are fighting for access to a Stevenston bus lane, according to a local councillor.

Jim McKerrell, of TOA Taxis, submitted a petition recently to North Ayrshire Council's Audit and Scrutiny Committee. The petition, to allow cabs access to the bus lane on Kilwinning Road, was not accepted but it will go towards Cabinet following further discussions.

Kilwinning Councillor Donald Reid said that there is “a glimmer of hope for the taxi trade”.

He added: “It is going further. The possible outcomes were to accept the petition in whole or to go away for further discussions. It’s not been accepted, it’s still being worked on.

“There’s no final decision yet but there’s a degree of support to open it [the lane] but it’s whether the police can police it.

“They [the taxi drivers] have to go away and speak to SPT and meet folk, speak to folk. The taxis only want it open for the Hackney cabs but we are all in the mind that it should be open to all taxis.”