Youngsters at St Bridget’s Early Years Class raised over £300 for Poppy Scotland with a fun showcase.

The children hosted the Scottish-themed event, which saw the parents invited along to participate. There was a raffle, games, singing, a visit from Harris McCoo, storytelling and other fun activities.

Sarita Taggart, senior practitioner at St Bridget’s Nursery, said: “We raised £333, so that was really good. It was really well turned out. The children made the poppies and helped decorate.

“It had a Scottish theme. They were singing things like You Cannae Shove Yer Granny off a Bus. The children went on the stage and did some talking about Scotland and at the end we quizzed the parents to see if they’d been listening. The winner won a tin of shortbread.

“Tesco gave us a £50 donation that was really kind. They provided the tea and coffee as well.

“Harris McCoo came, and the children did the Harris McCoo dance.

“The author Shirley Husband was there too, and read a story for the children.”