A MAN has appeared in court after a dog was allegedly found to be dangerously out of control in Stevenston.

Andrew Slaven, 47, of Castlehill Road, appeared at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court last week where he faced nine charges.

Slaven is accused of not having his dog fitted with a muzzle or on a lead in public as per a dog control notice on two occasions.

It was alleged that on February 15, his dog bit another dog on the neck, pinned it to the ground, knocked over a member of the public, chased a child and did so whilst the dog had previously behaved in an aggressive manner.

It was also alleged that on February 24, the dog was dangerously out of control and did bite another dog on the head.

Slaven also faced a charge of shoplifting and three charges of breach of the peace.

He entered a plea of special capacity in regards to the charges in relation to the dog and pleaded not guilty to the other charges against him.

He is set to face trial next month.