A NEW Ardrossan hub opened last week which will see the creation of 40 jobs for the town.

And businessman Roger Woods has spoken about how it went from wasteland to an eye-catching building in the heart of the town, how he took inspiration from a Spanish port and why it is important for the town.

Roger, who owns Invincible Fire and Security, saw the gap in the market for a DIY outlet in the town and explained how it came about.

He said: “The idea was to create a DIY outlet in Ardrossan as there is not anything else available. The business model is a shop where customers can either buy the equipment and fit themselves or get us to fit.

“‘Buy it or Book it’ is our slogan. That’s what the + is for. The other units will be occupied by a variety of businesses which are at present in negotiations.”

He spoke about his inspiration for the building and how key it is for the town.

Roger said: “It was a great opportunity to construct a building right on the main road leading to the ferry which would have gone ahead if the ferry moved to Troon.

“Inspiration was taken from an old customs house in the port of Malaga which I based the style on. It improves the look of the town centre and adds amenity to the local area which has been sorely neglected for decades since the demise of the harbours shipping trade and shell site.

“The other units will be occupied by a variety of businesses which are at present in negotiations. Once filled the building will employ on average three per unit on ground floor plus up to 30 on the first floor.

“This brings approximately an additional 40 jobs to Ardrossan town centre which otherwise would not have been here. I funded this building entirely on my own with no help from the local council.

“I hope this building will compliment and add confidence to the further planned improvements to Ardrossan and set a precedent going forward for future investment in the area.

“From one area to another the only thing that separates a place is the people who live there. A more positive outlook goes a long way as we are situated on a beautiful part of the west coast with the views over to Arran are amazing.

“With two million people passing through Ardrossan, much, much more should be done to provide a reason for people to spend more time in the town which generates income and jobs.”

The new store will have a general mix of DIY stuff which includes: electrical, plumbing, hardware, seasonal, hiking equipment, fishing equipment, vape equipment and fluids, BDM oils, CCTV systems, burglar alarm systems and fire safety equipment, all available to buy and take away of have DIY+ install it.

Roger is proud of his home and said: “Considering the rich history of Ardrossan, which links people all over the world for one reason or another to the town, I would like to see the history of Ardrossan Harbour captured and presented in a visitors centre purposely built strategically in the harbour area.

“This would be a focal point for the town enabling people to visit and learn the huge history this place has to offer.

“Factual history form when Ardrossan was the main shipping and boat building harbour on the west coast to the tragedy of HMS Dasher which is massively important to preserve and let Ardrossan tell its story.

“People from all around the world would travel to learn of their history. My own grandfather lived with his brothers and sisters at 163 Glasgow Street back in early 1920’s. His sister Margaret left for New York on a boat after the Second World War to start her own family there. Thousands have similar stories which deserve being told in Ardrossan. We just need to make it happen!”

Roger added: “A big thanks to the staff at Invincible Property Services who designed and constructed the building from scratch to completion.”

Frank Sweeney, CEO, Cunninghame Housing Association opened the new building and added: “Cunninghame Housing Association has worked with Invincible since 1993. The company has grown from one staff member (Rodger) to 27 staff. Truly a remarkable achievement for a local growing company. It gave me great pleasure to officially open what will be a truly iconic building within the town.”