CAPALL Dorcha Ensemble is presenting Disney’s Aladdin Jr as part of their funding from the Lottery Community.

Over the last two years young people from throughout the Three Towns have been attending weekly classes in Ardrossan on Thursdays studying and participating in drama classes and now showcasing their hard work via their live performance on May 25 at 4pm and 7pm at the Civic Centre in Ardrossan, tickets £8 / £5 concession.

Timed nicely with the release of the new motion picture release in cinemas the live theatre performance in Ardrossan is an excellent opportunity for all the family to see the live performance in their local community.

It is based on the 2014 Broadway production of Aladdin the show. Local cast members Charli, Daisy and Roisin star as Aladdin, Genie and Jasmin, with Hayden, Millie and Oliver as Sultan, Iago and Jafar with an ensemble cast of 23.

Creative Learning Officer Betty Valencia said: “This production has benefitted our young people who take part weekly in our classes. For most of them, this is their first musical theatre production since our Christmas performance last year.

“This opportunity through Aladdin will allow the community to take part in seeing our show and let the young people gain experience to boost confidence and creative learning through the a trearts participation."

Scott Flemming, assistant director, said: “It has been incredibly rewarding watching these children develop through this production, shaping their characters, learning dance routines. I’m sure audiences of all ages will find something familiar and relatable to enjoy.

“The cast has worked hard to create this production many of which are new to the organisation and will be their first show. I’m incredibly grateful for all the hard work they have put in and hope that audiences will enjoy the production. On behalf of the young people, I must also thank Judy McGroarty and Lorraine Ballentine for their support coming weekly and helping with props and costumes, making them in their spare time."

Judy McGroarty, ensemble member, said: “It’s been a fantastic experience working the kids and watching them transform and grow in confidence through performing. This production is a transformational project for the local community as it provides young people with the chance to perform in front of an audience.” 

Lorraine Ballentine, ensemble volunteer added: “I took part in the organisation by chance and if I’m honest its been a great experience to support my granddaughter, but also support young people, utilising my skills to help with their show. It has been an absolute pleasure of mine to support Capall Dorcha and I urge everyone to come along and support the group.

“As an Ardrossan resident, we need to provide more opportunities like this for our children and grandchildren so that services like Capall Dorcha keep running. Get your tickets folks.”

Barry Robertson, departing CEO, said: “It has been a lot of hard work for our young people taking part in the production and I wish to thank Jack’s Corner and Windy Ha’ for their generous support in sponsoring our programmes.

“Please do support Capall Dorcha. Just purchasing a ticketis enough to help ensure that more young people have the opportunity to perform here in our local area.

“I wish to thank Betty, Scott, Judy Lorraine, Gabriel, Kerry and Rowan and Karen who have all supported the production by volunteering, making costumes, obtaining props to support our young people in this production.”

Tickets on the door or available online.