ARRAN Brewery’s new Scottish Malt handling facility is now operational on the Island of Arran.

Capable of handling 66 tons of Scottish Malt, the new malt handing storage and milling equipment is now online, while at the other end of the process a new bottling line is nearing its speed trail phase of commissioning with an ability to bottle 1,000 bottles an hour of Arran Beers.

Managing Director, Gerald Michaluk, said: “It was not been without its challenges and we have had a lot of issues with the supplier of the bottling line but nonetheless we are up and running and I have to thank Burning Sky Brewery, who own a similar machine, for their help in finally getting our bottling machine on the rails.

“By contrast BSPS systems who installed our malt mill and their grain handling facilities have been very good to work with and despite a few problems in the early runs the system is now running well (touch wood)”.

As the first phase of the upgrade on Arran draws to a close the second stage will begin seeing a further estimated £200,000 investment in fermentation tanks.

Gerald added: “ We will be raising the money for the second phase of expansion on Arran as well as our development at Loch Earn very shortly.

“Our team have been great in helping us accomplish all this extra work more or less on time and only slightly over budget.”