A CANDIDATE in the local Council Elections has hit out at the planned General Election, saying that will overshadow the elections locally.

Reacting to the news that a General Election is now to take place on June 8, Scottish Socialist Party candidate for Ardrossan and Arran in next month’s Council election, Colin Turbett, hit out at the timing of the decision.

He commented: “This announcement holds the danger that the local election will be overshadowed by national events - perhaps feeding disinterest in both. I certainly hope this is not the case.

“On May 4 voters decide how national political decisions are implemented at local level. As a socialist I want to see the Tories, whose attacks on the poor are felt badly in this area, get pushed back at every opportunity.

“Scots Tory leader Ruth Davidson keeps telling us how popular she is becoming. I don’t believe that’s true and we need to fight the ideas she represents in both local council and Westminster arenas. 

“A vote for socialism on May 4 is the best way to do that at local level. We can’t afford to let them grind us down.”