THE Arran Brewery has had another success in a nationwide competition.

The company’s Arran Blonde beer bagged the bronze medal at the SIBA Scottish Craft Keg competition.

Arran Brewery has had a cracking start to 2017 with its Arran Dark being the current CAMRA Scottish Champion Mild title holder and its sister version in Craft Keg being the SIBA UK Champion Mild.

The small brewery is taking on some large competition, especially as Craft Keg has been the domain of big breweries for years.

Arran Brewery’s goal is to be able to better the large multinational breweries in every category.

Gerald Michaluk the Managing Director of Arran Brewery said: “While the large brewers can “buy loyalty” through tied loans and pub estates we have to win accounts through the quality of our award winning beers.

“We are at a price disadvantage because of the big brewers economies of scale and their immense marketing budgets convince consumers that their “crafty beers” are special.

“We on the other hand, using only all natural ingredients, whole hops (not pellets nor syrups or essence), and of course making our beer on an Island means we cannot compete on price. So we can only compete on flavour, and taste. We hope this alone will convince the beer drinking public to spend a few extra pence on our beer and the savvy publican and retailer to stock Arran beers.

“We employ as many people in our brewery as some of the very large fully automated breweries producing millions of litters of beer so by supporting local craft beer, produced by independent brewery, you are creating jobs and wealth locally.

“The team at the Arran brewery are dedicated to having the right beers and the best beers money can buy and I congratulate them all for their hard work and dedication that allows the brewery to remain at the very top of the UK and Scottish Craft Brewing scene”.