A PRETEND Tom Hardy Tweet which caused excitement on social media for claiming the actor was on Arran came from the imagination of a local teen and was developed by a spoof film group, the Herald can reveal.

As we reported last week, a screenshot of a Tweet apparently written by the Hollywood star appeared on social media claiming the star was staying at Arran’s Lagg Hotel.

The image was found to be fake, but the Herald has since discovered that the idea was the brainchild of Arran High School pupil, Cameron Clark.

The 14-year-old had put the idea of ‘Tom Hardy on Arran’ to his dad Scott, a local film-maker, who created a short video about it – and then used an app to create the now famous Tweet screenshot.

Cameron was stunned to find that his idea had went viral. He told the Herald: “Neither of us expected it to get the reaction it did.

“It just shows how one Tweet can get round the world. It was very surprising. I thought what the hell’s going on? It’s just a random moment, you don’t expect that to happen.”

Scott runs Utter Nonsense Films along with his friend Eric Dunn, who is also from Arran.

Alongside the ‘Tweet’, the pair also created a spoof video clip of Tom Hardy on the island. The short even pays homage to Arran’s ‘Anvil Man’, Davy Ballantyne.

Scott said: “It’s just a bit of fun. The idea came about one day when I was carrying on with Cameron. He had a Pringle tube and he was talking into it with a Tom Hardy voice.

“We’ve already done similar videos about Tom Cruise, Kevin Costner, and Sylvester Stallone on Arran.

“I had a Tom Hardy thing in mind. I drive past Davy Ballantyne every day and he always wears that jacket. He’s such a nice big guy.”

To view the Tom Hardy clip by Utter Nonsense Films, visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pg/Utter-Nonsense-Films-Arran-401970500167305/.