ARRAN RNLI had to abandon a training exercise when tasked by Belfast Coastguard to the aid of a fishing vessel in trouble.

At 7.45pm last Wednesday, Arran RNLI’s inshore lifeboat crew had to respond quickly as Belfast Coastguard requested them to abandon their training exercise to respond to a fishing vessel without steering off the coast of Corrie.

The Arran RNLI inshore lifeboat ‘Rachel Hedderwick’ and her crew launched at 7.30pm to undergo assessments for some of the crew before being contacted by Belfast Coastguard just 15 minutes into their exercise.

The crew diverted to the sea approximately half a mile from Corrie where they located a 40ft fishing vessel that had lost steering.

After two members of the crew joined the fishing vessels crew it became apparent that repairs would not be possible at sea and the vessel would need to be towed to a safe harbour.

After thirty minutes of towing the vessel with conditions worsening, the Arran RNLI crew requested the assistance of their flank station at Troon to help bring the fishing vessel into Brodick bay.

Arran RNLI then resumed the tow and secured the fishing vessel to a mooring.

Arran RNLI helm Martin Wood said: “After going out with the intention to train and get some of the crew assessed on towing the crew suddenly had to do the job for real. The crew rose to the occasion in one of the most challenging jobs we have had for a while.”