AYRSHIRE’S first ‘Millennium Baby’ has taken her first driving lesson, exactly 17 years - to the day - since she was born.

This week in 2000, the Herald reported on the New Year birth of Jenna McConnell. Born at 6.52am on January 1 at Irvine Central, the Beith tot was Ayrshire’s first baby of the new millennium. 

Jenna, who is due to attend the new Garnock Campus, had her first driving lesson on the day she turned 17.

The sixth year student’s mum, Leigh Thorburn, told the Herald: “Jenna was on the front page of the paper when she was born for being the first baby of the millennium in the whole of Ayrshire. 

“It was nice that she had her first driving lesson on January 1 because she was in the paper when she was born on January 1.

“She had a great time during her lesson, she absolutely loved it. She drove back home, which was quite strange.

“The amazing thing was she knew absolutely nothing about driving other than sitting next to me as a little girl and watching me change gears. My other daughter Jade, who is 10 years older than Jenna, at least had one of these young drivers’ courses they can do when they’re 15. But Jenna had nothing like that and she did really well.”

Jenna’s driving instructor, Jennifer Woods of Kilmarnock-based business, Jennifer Woods School of Motoring, is an old friend of Leigh’s. It was actually Jennifer’s idea that Jenna had her first lesson on the day of her 17th birthday. 

Leigh said “Jennifer’s from Dalry and I went to school with her at Garnock Academy. I thought personality-wise she was the best instructor for Jenna.

“The fact that Jennifer came out on New Year’s Day was really good of her. I don’t think we could have got a driving instructor to do that for us unless they had been a friend.”

Leigh added that Jenna is looking forward to her next lesson, when Jennifer plans to take her to Irvine.