A 10-year-old girl who was bullied has seen her tormentors apologise after they saw her featured in last week’s Herald. 

We reported that Beith’s Louise Dickie had made the finals of LMI Glasgow’s Spring Model Journey, raising money for sick children.

Louise was getting bullied, so her mum Emma entered her into the competition as a boost. Emma’s move had the desired effect and she was amazed to see her daughter bloom into a confident young lady almost overnight.

Louise has now gone on to raise £315.50 for the John O’Byrne Foundation. Having been a premature baby, it is a charity close to her heart. 

But there was another, unexpected, outcome for the Beith Primary pupil.

Emma said: “There seems to have been a lot of support after the article. 

“People responsible for bullying her have apologised. Their parents phoned me and said: ‘I’m sorry’. It’s unbelievable. I have no words.”