A TEENAGER has been fined and ordered to pay compensation after admitting to causing £200 worth of damage to a mini digger which he sat in while drunk.

Declan Davidson, of Longbar Avenue in Glengarnock, pled guilty to one charge at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court last week.

Davidson, 19, wilfully or recklessly destroyed or damaged the property belonging to another at Kilbirnie’s Sunderland Court.

Just after 4am on August 4, a witness was in her home when she heard the sound of broken glass. She looked out her window and saw two people and contacted the police.

Officers arrived at around 4.40am and saw Davidson sitting in the driver seat of a mini digger. The window at the driver’s seat was smashed and there was broken glass on the ground.

The court heard that the estimated cost of the damage to the window was £200.

Davidson’s defence solicitor, Mr Duncan, said: “He had been drinking with his friends since 10.30 the previous evening and this was him on his way back home.

“Drink is not an excuse for his behaviour but he was under the influence of alcohol. He is in a position to pay a financial penalty. There is a previous non-conviction disposal. He’s accepted full responsibility, he’s pled guilty at the earliest opportunity.”

Sheriff Michael Hanlon said: “Mr Davidson, you seem to have not gone much time in your life without getting into trouble. You seem to have two incidents in close succession. I really hope you do take on board your behaviour.”

Davidson was fined £100 and ordered to pay £200 in compensation.