A former addict whose drink and drug habit cost him his family, his job, and almost his life, is a completely new man and wants to reach out to help others in need.

Chris Fish was a successful architect with Teeside Council but an alcohol and drug addiction spanning two decades nearly killed him.

Now Chris, who lives in Beith, has bounced back. The 39-year-old volunteers with various churches across the locality and, just last week, completed the Great Scottish Run’s half marathon, raising £79 for the charity Compassion.

Chris told the Herald: “I few years ago I was really lost. I had no one because nobody could handle me any more.

“I have miraculously recovered from a 22-year intravenous heroin and crack cocaine addiction along with alcoholism and prescription medication dependency.

“I couldn’t cope with the devastation of losing my family and children, which took away the desire to go on, therefore resulting in the loss of my job, business, properties and assets etc.

“This chaotic lifestyle gradually developed into lung decease, COPD, asthma, seizures, blackouts, pleurisy, internal bleeding, blood clots temporary blindness and various mental and serious illnesses which led me to a bed-ridden state, barely unable to walk.

“I went from being a successful architect and business man to a tramp on the streets.

“Ten years years ago I was on death’s door and the doctor told me I had three months to live. I found myself crying out to God for mercy from a squat in Teesside in 2012.”

Chris believes that his recovery is down to his faith.

He said: “I am now totally free of every substance and have been completely healed of every sickness, mental illness and disease.

“My message in this is a message of hope. I’ve been reaching out to other people and I’ve helped 70 people over the last five years.”

Chris said