The Hallowe’en fundraiser at Kilbirnie’s Commercial Bar has raised more than double the total from the same event last year.

A whopping £3,000 was raised at the fundraiser, which saw resident DJ Kirsty McLean have her hair shaved off.

The money raised will now be split between the Greig Steven Memorial Fund, which aims to build a respite for those affected by cancer, and for Bliss, a charity for sick and premature babies.

Karen Irving, a former staff member who helped organise the event, said: “Saturday night was absolutely fantastic. Everything went absolutely brilliant.

“Last year we raised £1,226 so we’ve absolutely smashed that this year. Anything that raises awareness for the Greig Steven Memorial Fund and Bliss is just absolutely brilliant.

“Kirsty’s hair was already quite short. She only got about three-four inches off but she’s so precious about her hair. Her hair was everything to her. She always has it perfectly gelled.

“Unfortunately, the weather’s just turned in time for her head getting shaved, so she’s now attached to her woolly hat!”