A KILBIRNIE carer has been given a warning after a patient went missing on her watch.

Kirsty Wilson, was working as Support Worker at Moorpark Place, Kilbirnie when she failed to adequately supervise a service user while on an outing on June 19, 2017.

This meant that said service user was missing for 50 minutes on the outing.

In a report from the Scottish Social Services Council, which was decided on November 12, it stated that Wilson’s fitness to practice as a support worker was impaired because:

- Service users have the right to expect that they will be protected from harm by the social service workers in whom they and the public placetheir trust and confidence. By failing to adequately supervise service user AA while on an outing this was a failure in your duty of care. Your behaviour resulted in AA going missing for approximately 50 minutes which placed AA at risk of harm.

- Your behaviour was a failure to provide an acceptable level of care to AA when you were assigned to AA for 1:1 support. While no actual harm appears to have been caused as a result of your behaviour, there was an acute risk of harm to AA. The SSSC recognises the public interest that is present in this case and is of the view that your behaviour is sufficiently serious that your fitness to practise is currently impaired. It would damage the reputation of the profession, and the SSSC in the eyes of the public as an effective regulator, if the behaviour was not marked with a finding of current impairment to your fitness to practise.

The report also detailed that she accepted the warning and it read: “Having been advised of the consequences of accepting or not accepting the warning, and recommended to take legal advice, you admitted that your fitness to practise is impaired and accepted the warning on 19 October 2017.”

Wilson was sanctioned and a warning was placed on her registration for a period of one year from the date of the hearing.

*We have been asked to point out that the carer Kirsty Wilson who was reprimanded for losing a patient in Kilbirnie is not connected to the Kirsty Wilson from West Kilbride, who works for Sense Scotland. We are happy to clear up any confusion.