A WORLD War II memorial at the new Garnock Community Campus will be dedicated at a ceremony next month.

And families of those memorialised on it are invited to attend on the day.

The cairn style memorial, which used to be housed at Glengarnock Primary School, has been moved to the new campus after a request from members of the Royal British Legion Scotland.

Alistair Kennedy, Local Legion President, told the Herald that he hopes the event will be have a good turnout in memory of those lost.

He said: “We had been going to Glengarnock Primary School for four or five years. Myself, Jimmy Wilson, Richard Holmes, Vic Lees and Hamish the dog.

“We always noted the WWII Roll of Honour on the wall there and when we heard the school was to be demolished we approached the headteacher to see if it could move to the new campus. Luckily it was agreed and it has now been built outside the entrance.”

Alistair has been on over 250 school visits over the years so he is well versed in the history of the armed forces and with help from colleagues, they explain the sacrifices of the men and women in the two World Wars as well as at other conflicts.

On Wednesday, December 6, there will be a ceremony held at the new campus at 2pm.

Any relatives of any of those on the memorial are welcome to head along to take part at 1.45pm.

There will be a piper from the school and other dignitaries there on the day.