AN 18-year-old woman who drunkenly assaulted another woman has had her sentenced deferred for good behaviour.

Lucy Jade Young appeared at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court last week and pled guilty to three charges, including violently struggling with police.

At her home address in Dalry’s St Margaret Avenue on December 23, she shouted, swore, and attempted to throw herself down a flight of stairs. She also punched a woman on the head.

Young then resisted, obstructed or hindered two police constables in execution of their duty in that she struggled violently, threw herself to the ground while pulling a police witness about, and refused to walk to a police vehicle.

Defending Young in court, solicitor Graeme Cunningham said that his client and the witnesses had since “sorted things out” and that all parties involved were keen to move on from the incident.

He added: “She reacted badly because she had taken alcohol.

“She is extremely concerned about this whole matter. She’s most fearful of what will happen to her.

“She feels genuine remorse after what’s happened. The very experience of being in custody has had a significant effect on her. She’s someone who has never been in court before. I don’t think she’ll be here again.”

Sheriff Elizabeth McFarlane deferred sentence until July but warned the teen that she might face a fine.

She said: “Miss Young, you may have wondered why the police were doing what they did, but you punched someone on the face. When you start struggling and pulling police officers about it’s very serious.”