ON Saturday, January 13, Beith Bowling Club held its Annual Burns Supper. President Warnock Longridge welcomed everyone and promised them a fantastic night’s entertainment.

The top table was introduced, The Garthland Cronies consisting of Malky Blair, Immortal Memory, Bill Davey, Toast to the Lassies, Johnny Mair, Readings, Gavin Pratt, readings and Songs.

The Haggis was then carried in by Past President Robert Clark, piped in by Scott Figgins and the Toast to the Haggis was by the inimitable Jim Gibson of Kilbirnie.

After the haggis was served, the night began in earnest with some tunes from Piper Scott. Gavin Pratt then performed Tam O’ Shanter. Malky Blair gave his Immortal Memory to Robert Burns, which was enlightening and, as always, everyone learned something new about the life of Burns.

Johnny Mair recited The Death And Dying Words Of Poor Mailie.

Gavin Pratt and Johnny Mair performed The Twa Dugs together.

All the readings and songs received a rapturous applause from the assembled guests who appreciated talent when they heard it.

Donald Reid gave the vote of thanks and President Warnock Longridge gave the entertainers a gift each from the Club.

The company ended the evening by singing Auld Lang Syne before President Longridge thanked everyone for attending and wished them all a safe journey home.

He also thanked Adam Calderwood and Donald McCorqudale Snr for volunteering behind the bar on the night.