A LOCAL councillor has decided to step away from Dalry Community Council after a disagreement at a previous meeting.

Councillor Robert Barr said that he was not “going to get abuse” after a member of the public questioned the allocation of funds by the Trust which is chaired by Mr Barr.

Councillor Barr is chairperson of Dalry Parish Boundary Trust, which distributes funding to local groups and organisations.

A dispute over the distribution of the funds occurred at January’s meeting.

However, Councillor Barr made the shock announcement he was leaving during the community council’s most recent meeting last week.

Councillor Barr told the community council: “I am aware that at the last meeting I raised my voice, which I shouldn’t have done, and for that I’m sorry.”

He then said that he would “not be shot down”, adding “for that reason I will no longer attend any more of these meetings”.

Councillor Barr’s announcement was met with disappointment among those in attendance at last week’s meeting.

When the Herald contacted Councillor Barr, he did not wish to discuss the matter.

Heather Grossart, chairperson of Dalry Community Council, said that Councillor Barr and the man had a “difference in personality”.