KIDS at Corsehill Primary enjoyed a wild visit from some small animals, including Tilly Tortoise and a hedgehog called Mr Prickle Pants.

Scales and Tails brought along the cute critters to the school in Kilwinning.

The special visit was a competition prize won by teacher Gwen Roberston and her P5/6 class, but the experience was shared with the whole school.

Mrs Robertson said: “It was fantastic, it really was. We were to write down why we wanted them to come to our school. We’re very grateful to Ellis from Scales and Tails for picking us and for coming along.

“She was very passionate about her job and very knowledgeable about the animals.

“The children absolutely loved it because it’s not every day they get that opportunity. We decided we would timetable it about so that the other classes could enjoy it too. Ellis very kindly stayed for the whole day.”