BUFFS chairman Colin Boyd says everything must be done to save Kilwinning Sports Club and is urging football fans to support the club.

The Kilwinning Rangers chief says the sports facility is fundamental to his own club’s “infrastructure and a key component in our present and future success.”

The news that the club was under extreme financial pressure was revealed by the Herald last week.

Staff were told that things were so bad there was no money to pay February wages because the club’s finances are so dire that voluntary trustees have been paying bills with their own personal credit cards, just to ensure staff had been getting paid for previous months.

However with cashflow at an all-time low and pressures from competitors, the club might have to close its doors. But Buffs Chairman Colin says that simply cannot happen because the sports club is “fundamental” to his team and to the community.

He said: “The sports club is hugely important to Kilwinning Rangers. We have been trying for some time to establish good links with them. It is all about one club, one town, one team and Kilwinning Sports Club is fundamental to that.

“Seven Kilwinning Rangers teams play there at the moment so if tit was to close that would impact us incredibly if it was to close.

“Kilwinning Sports Club is vital for us as a football club because at the moment we are a net that catches players as they come back from bigger teams, club football and playing professionally.

“The youngsters should be coming through the ranks at Kilwinning Sports Club and then we should be getting the talent from there and passing it on to the big clubs. At the moment that doesn’t happen, but that is something we want to work towards. It would make a huge difference to the shape of Scottish football too so the important of Kilwinning Sports Club can’t be underestimated.”

But Colin says he is hopeful, adding: “I am optimistic for the club’s future. I think with the right financial business model things could be turned around. I’m sure if the guys get the backing they need it will be ok.”

Colin has donated £400 from Kilwinning Rangers to the sports club’s Crowdfunding appeal and made a personal appeal on the Buffs’ Facebook page for their supporters to get behind the appeal.

He said: “You may have read in the local papers this week that our local facility KSC is having a tough time financially and is running into some problems.

“It’s a tough time of year financially for all outdoor sports operations, ourselves having only had three home league games in four months know this very too well having had to pause all upgrading work till the close season.

“The Buffs consider KSC to be a big part of our infrastructure and a key component in our present and future success.

“We ask all our fans to consider making a small or large contribution to the KSC fund raising page or consider joining the gym. Every penny will count and we will work with KSC where we can to keep this national level facility operating.”

If you want to donate to the club, click here.