STAFF and members of under-threat Kilwinning Sports Club are pleading with everyone in North Ayrshire to “Pledge-a-Pound” and save their club.

We revealed last week that the community sports facility is facing threat of closure after struggling financially for months.

Staff were told by trustees last week that there would be no money to pay their wages in February as it was revealed that trustees have been paying bills from their own credit cards to keep the centre open.

However staff and the community sprung into action to launch the Save Our Sports Club campaign and have raised almost £2,000 already.

However, with a target of £75,000 the club is in desperate need of more help.

Debbie Couzin, Employability Engagement Manager at the club, said with more than 138,000 people living in North Ayrshire, even as little as £1 per adult could make a huge difference.

She said: “We are overwhelmed with the generosity of everyone who has donated already to our crowdfunding page. “

The reaction has been incredible.

“But we still have a long way to go and not very long to get there.

“If everyone in North Ayrshire pledged just £1 that would dramatically transform our fortunes.

“Anyone out there who might think they can’t afford to give us £10 or £20, that is totally understandable.

“But if you think you can spare £1, then please make us your choice of where to spend it.

“Just log on and donate £1 and you will be partly responsible for saving this wonderful club.”