A woman who drunkenly assaulted her boyfriend during a romantic weekend getaway has been given a second chance by a court.

Aimee Bowie, formerly of Rowallan Square in Pennyburn, pleaded guilty to one charge at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court last week. Her plea of not guilty to a second charge was accepted by the prosecutor.

The court heard that 25-yearold Bowie and her partner had booked into the Seamill Hydro over the Valentine’s weekend.

On the evening of February 16, the couple were seen having a heated discussion in the restaurant area. This seemed to escalate, and the pair became loud and disruptive.

The couple left the restaurant to go back to their room. Shortly after, staff received a noise complaint regarding the couple.

Staff made their way to the couple’s room and saw Bowie’s partner leaving. He was then seen walking towards the car park area, followed by Bowie who was shouting and swearing.

Witnesses then saw Bowie slap her partner to the head area. The pair were separated by witnesses and police were contacted.

Bowie’s solicitor, James Irvine, said: “This was supposed to be for Valentine’s weekend. “He had been working away from home for three weeks and she was looking forward to him coming back so they could spend the weekend together.

“She seems to have had a drink in the afternoon and taken too much while waiting for him to arrive.

“She accepts it’s entirely her fault and she’s ashamed that she’s ended up here. The behaviour is out of character for her.

“The complainer who’s mentioned in the charge didn’t make a complaint, it came from members of staff within the hotel. I ask his Lordship to treat this as an isolated incident.”

Sheriff Craig Harris said: “Miss Bowie, it’s obviously a serious matter when there’s any domestic offence, particularly when it involves any physical contact.

“There’s nothing in your record that indicates this is normal behaviour for you.

“I am willing to take into account Mr Irvine’s view that this was perhaps a one-off incident.

“I’m going to defer sentence, then I can see if this really is a one-off and that there is no repeat of this.”

Sentence was deferred for Bowie to be of good behaviour until August 7. She was ordained to appear at the court on that date.