An irate dad has blasted staff at a flooring shop for delaying his house move - after they lost his carpets.

Rory Cassidy hit out after staff at Tapi Carpets, claiming they lost three carpets and fitted one he had never seen before.

And the 31-year-old claimed the firm would not apologise or offer to compensate him for their mistakes, which have cost him hundreds of pounds, then tried to charge him more money to fix the problem.

Rory, 31 bought three 13ft-long carpets from the Irvine branch of the store in November last year ahead of moving in to a house in Ardrossan.

Rory went to collect all three carpets on September 25, so they could be fitted, but said when he arrived to collect them staff could only find one of the carpets.

A carpet they did not buy was then fitted in three-year-old daughter’s bedroom.

Rory claimed the staff were rude to him and raged: “Losing our carpets is one thing - we are all humans and make mistakes. While I can’t understand how three 13-foot long carpets can disappear I can accept that it happened.

“But what I can’t accept is how badly they have treated us in the aftermath.”

Rory bought carpets for the kids’rooms in November last year, then bought a living room carpet in May.

He said: “We asked if there was a maximum amount of time you could leave them in the shop. There was a lot of work getting done on the house and we didn’t know how long that would take.

“The salesman said, ‘it’s fine, they’re not going anywhere’. But that’s exactly what’s happened - they say they’re nowhere to be found. The only one of the three they could find on September 25 was the one for my son’s room.

“Two days later, when the carpet fitter went to pick them up, they said they couldn’t find it. They gave the carpet fitter a grey one which he fitted in my daughter’s room. It wasn’t what we ordered. We went to the shop to complain and to say they were unsympathetic would be an understatement.”

Tracey Skea, Commercial Development Director for Tapi Carpets, said: “We do not feel it is appropriate to discuss conversations with our staff members nor those which have taken place with customers. We refute the comments of rudeness by our staff.”

She said one of the carpets “was lost due to the excessive period of time which lapsed until it was required for fitting” but did not wish to comment further.