OVER the years there always seems to be a newfangled way of saying that investment is coming to the Three Towns, writes Paul Fisher.

But how much do we really get out of it? I suppose only time will tell. One thing is for sure, the people of the Three Towns are passionate about the area where they live and work.

Despite many challenges, including poverty and unemployment, there is an air of positivity.

Reading through the 50-page report, you can see the work that needs carried out but you can also see a clear vision from those who have taken part in the process.

Over the next few years I will be keeping a close eye on how much money is spent on the things that the local people want them spent on. How good would it be to see the Three Towns return to its former glory of years gone past?

I do, however, have a tinge of ‘been there, not done that’ with the whole thing.

We have been promised the world before and for one reason or another, things have not happened.

I hope as much as the next person that we will be a tourist hub with new businesses, thriving town centres and places for locals to gather and be part of a vibrant community but I am not holding my breath.