ONE of the main car parks in Stevenston town centre has closed. The New Street car park, owned by Europe and Jersey Estates, closed to the public on Valentine’s Day after nearly 20 years.

As the Herald previously reported, owner Ken Johnstone was willing to enter talks with North Ayrshire Council in regards to the car park but NAC said that ‘due to the challenging financial climate, we will not be taking this up’.

Ken said this week: “I do not wish for the car park to be closed for any longer than necessary, but I’m afraid Europe & Jersey Estates are no longer prepared to be burdened with the cost of a car park which was foisted upon them due to the dictate by North Ayrshire Council.

“Rest assured, Europe & Jersey Estates Ltd are more than willing to reach a settlement with North Ayrshire Council to enable the car park to reopen as soon as possible.”