A FEW members of the Three Towns community took part in a sponsored walk from Saltcoats to Largs over the weekend to help raise funds for a new Saltcoats gym.

Local Councillor Jim Montgomerie has set up a charity called IMC (Inspire Motivate and Celebrate) simply meaning, make the most of your life and all you can achieve.

It is described in the following terms: “You have to be inspired by something to want to carry on doing it. You have to be motivated to get to where you want to get to. When you’ve achieved those whether it is sport related, passed your exams, winning a medal, work related, music or served in the military, its time to celebrate your success! So it is the process from beginning to end.”

The new centre’s main objective will be to get everyone involved in health and fitness.

Suzanne Fernando, who took part in the walk said: “It can be distressing watching the youth of today hanging around the streets with nothing to do, so Jim’s initiative will help get the kids off the streets, and focused on a more positive perspective in their lives. As Jim grew up in the area, he has built up a rapport and friendship with the members of the community and has witnessed first hand what the problems are.”

To find out more email Jim at jimmontgomerie@northayrshire.gov.uk

Suzanne, who walked along with fellow veteran Paul Coffey, added: “We think this is an amazing charity and hope the local communities get behind it, as the positive potentials Jim can bring are immense. It is a long haul when you get to our age but the liquid lunch at the end was worth waiting for!”