WORKERS at Ardrossan’s only supermarket face job uncertainty as restructuring comes in to play.

Asda confirmed that they were talking to staff about changes to hours and contracts with multiple sources saying that a number of workers are almost certain to leave as a result.

One irate worker told the Herald it has ‘been a while coming’ and that some staff could lose out on a huge number of hours.

They said: “We are having one-to-one interviews and being offered new contracts. The new contracts could see a reduction of 50-hours for some people but it has been a while coming.

“We were re-assured that is wasn’t coming but it happened a week later.”

The Herald understands that twilight shifts are changing from 5pm to 1am and will take place between 8pm and 12am, a reducation of four hours per shift, per night.

The new contracts are set to come in to place on April 1 and another worker said: “From fulltime to part-time employment, it’s like having a gun held to your head. It’s take it or leave it and a terrible position to be put in with having a young family.”

The Herald understands that many staff are considering leaving after many years of service with pay rises and challenges with competitors being cited as reasons for the changes being implemented.

An Asda spokesperson said: “In a competitive retail market, where customers rightly expect great value and ease of service, we must always look at how we make the way we can work more quickly and simply.

"As we change and improve our ways of working, we inevitably need to consider changing the roles we need our colleagues to do. We’re currently talking to our colleagues about some proposed changes.

“Whilst conversations about change are never easy, we will always work to find new opportunities for impacted colleagues.”