LOCAL groups and organisations are being asked to be savvy when hiring a North Ayrshire Council hall.

This comes after Saltcoats Community Council discussed changing the day on which they hold their monthly meeting.

Currently, the newest Community Council in the area meet on the third Monday of the month but Chair Allan Rice asked members if they wished to change this at last week’s meeting but they agreed to keep it the same as there is a fitness class in the Town Hall at the time of the meeting.

The council have confirmed that there is a premium charge for a hall if a resident is hiring it specifically for one event and they are asking that halls and centres that are already in use are used as far as possible to optimise use.

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “We continually look at the use of our community venues across North Ayrshire to ensure their use is optimised.

“In order to keep costs down, we will direct customers to venues that are already in use, rather than opening up venues for one booking, as this would result in a premium rate being applied.

“Saltcoats Town Hall remains one of our most prized venues and will continue to be available for community events.”