LOCAL Legion president, Alistair Kennedy, has paid tribute to one of the last survivors of the HMS Dasher disaster, who died recently at the age of 94.

Alistair first met Robert ‘Bob’ Powell on the 70th anniversary of the loss of the Dasher.

At that time, Bob had come all the way from New Zealand to be with his ship-mates who were fellow survivors.

Alistair recently received an email from New Zealand from Bob’s daughter informing him that her father had sadly passed away on December 22, just 12 days after her mother.

Alistair said: “She said it broke his heart to lose his dear wife. Bob was 94 years young.”

Alistair told of the day the pair met: “Bob thanked the Royal British Legion Scotland (Three Towns branch) for all the work done to help the weekend run smoothly. Bob was an absolute star that weekend, he was so pleased to see his friends once again.”

Alistair added that he listened to Bob’s “tales of yore, it was great to hear”.

The pair then realised that they had something in common – Alistair’s late father, John Kennedy, was killed whilst serving in the Royal Navy in active service in North Africa on May 14, 1944.

Alistair had initially thought that Bob was the last man standing from the HMS Dasher, but since found out that there is one older survivor – David Bell, who lives in England, is 95. Sadly, he is in bad health.

Alistair said he will lay a special Legion cross on behalf of Bob’s daughter at the 75th service “and another one when we sail on the afternoon of February 27 in memory of a lovely man”.

Alistair added: “We will remember all of them, but a special thought of Bob Powell.”