BBC Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw left morning commuters open-mouthed - after being tricked into giving a shout out to “the Govan Proddy Boys.”

The blunder came after an early-morning listener sent in the request via text.

Completely unaware of the prank, Grimshaw, 33, said: “Shout out to the Govan Proddy Boys who are loving the tunes.”

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The Govan Protestant Boys describe online how their aim is “Protestant culture and maintaining the union.”

Many radio listeners in and around Glasgow were quick to take to Twitter to write about their surprise at the epic gaffe.

One said: “Not sure @BBCR1 meant to give a shout out to ‘The Govan Proddy Boys’ but it did make me laugh.”

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Another wrote: “Govan Proddy Boys getting a shout out on Radio One this morning. Amazing the stuff that amuses you on the drive to work.”

“Listening to radio 1 driving to work and someone's just asked for a shout out for the govan proddy boys,” was another another comment as one chipped in, “@BBCR1 hahahaha radio 1 just have a shout out to the govan proddy boys, staunch.”