GORDON Ramsey has admitted that he avoids speed camera fines in America by wrapping clingfilm over his Ferrari number plate.

The 51-year-old TV chef, who is known for his love of speeding through Los Angeles motorways in the early hours of the morning, boasted that cops never pull him over because of the trick. 

Ramsey, originally from Johnstone in Renfrewshire, admits that he is too embarrassed to take his sports car to work as he often still gets teased for his flashy lifestyle.

He said: “I have never forgotten where I’ve come from, how hard I’ve worked.

“Someone said to me, ‘Easy for you, you go to work in a Ferrari.’ No, I don’t.

“I’m embarrassed to go to work in a Ferrari. I drive at night when no one sees me.

“No police or cameras catch me because I wrap my number plates with clingfilm. It won’t photograph so you won’t get caught speeding.”