KAY Hall is hoping to join the current crop of Independent Councillors on North Ayrshire Council, standing in the Dalry and West Kilbride ward. 

Kay said: “I am standing as an Independent Candidate across all of Ward 6 at a time when Community Engagement is gathering momentum in Scotland. This started with the launch of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 and community decision making has now arrived in all Local Authorities.

“I offer a strong, experienced, community voice unhindered by the policies of any political organisation. Communities now have the right to work with public bodies to ensure the services offered deliver what people actually need. It is my intention to focus on doing exactly that for every part of this Ward.”

Kay has been involved in local politics for a number of years and has lived in the local area for more than four decades, she added: “As a Community Councillor and Community Representative I have been outspoken in highlighting the deteriorating state of our road systems, parking and local services. I have questioned the numbers and type of new builds and detailed the problems these could cause our communities eg the over stretched GP Service, school capacities, post office and bank provision etc.

“I work closely with the Community Council to provide information for people so they may have a voice in shaping their future. As a Community Volunteer I work tirelessly on regeneration and sustainability and actively work with groups which focus on maintaining standards, improving the area and seeking a manageable but viable future.

“I have lived and worked locally for more than 40 years and know about the challenges facing families and the incredible pressures being experienced by our young people. I am involved in agencies offering family support such as Out of School Care and Early Years Education.

“I have seen first hand social isolation, mental health issues and the impact of poverty. I will work tirelessly alongside the Health and Social Care Partnership, the Local Planning Partnership and North Ayrshire Council to ensure our communities are offered their fair share of available and appropriate resources.”