DOMINOES: Billy Mitchell

Clyde Coast Ladies Domino League

Results, Wednesday March 22, Scottish Cup Round 1 Leg 1: Pop 6 Flask 6, Elms 7 Market 5, Cosy 7 Crown 5

Spirit of Dominoes tie: Windy Ha 5 Jack’s 7

Starla Beauty League with Sloanes Jewellers, re-arranged League fixture: Potters 7 Bobby’s 5

Starla Beauty League with Sloanes Jewellers: Potters 22+20; Cosy 20+20; Jack’s 18+16; Windy Ha B 18+12; Flask 18+10; Market 17+8; Bobby’s 15-8; Windy Ha 15-14; Pop 13-14; Elms 13-16; Crown 9-34

Little Blossoms Top Spot with Lothian Butchers: Margaret Irvine (Cosy) 23; Mamie Deacon (Market) 21; Toni Harrigan (Windy Ha B) 21; Lorraine Gillen (Flask) 21

Thistle Trophies with Linda’s Alterations MVP: Margaret Irvine (Cosy) 23; Mamie Deacon (Market) 20; Sandra Craig (Pop) 13; Elaine Simpson (Potters) 17; Jeanette Walker (Elms) 20; Two Players share (Bobby’s) 13; Tina Alcroft (Windy Ha) 16; Toni Harrigan (Windy Ha B) 21; Denise Cairns (Crown) 17; Lorraine Gillen (Flask) 21; Frances Reid (Jack’s) 19

Jack’s Spirit of Dominoes Leaderboard: Market 4 +6; Jack’s 4 Level; Windy Ha B 4 Level; Crown 3+4; Bobby’s 2+2; Elms 2+2; Pop 1-4; Windy Ha 0-4; Cosy 0-6

Fixtures, Wednesday March 29, Scottish Cup Round 1 Return Leg: Flask v Pop, Market v Elms, Crown v Cosy

Spirit of Dominoes tie: Bobby’s v Jack’s

Starla Beauty League with Sloanes Jewellers. re-arranged League fixture: Potters v Windy Ha

Wednesday April 5, Starla Beauty League with Sloanes Jewellers: Jack’s v Flask, Cosy v Elms, Crown v Potters, Pop v Bobby’s, Windy Ha v Market

Scottish Doubles qualifying Windy Ha B

April Meeting: Flask at 7pm on Wednesday, April 5

North Ayrshire Domino League

Results, Thursday March 23, The Heritage Singles & Double Finals, Singles Champion – Les Dunlop (Jack’s Corner); Doubles Champions – Tommy Caithness and Duncan McLean 169 Masonic

Thistle Trophies Premiership with Lothian Butchers: Castlehill 14+10; Cosy 12+14; Windy Ha B 12+6; Bobby’s 11+10; Windy Ha 9+14; Bobby’s B 9+10; 169 Masonic 8-36; Labour Club 5-28

Thistle Trophies Championship with Sloanes Jewellers: Jack’s B 15+36; 320 Masonic15+20; Victoria 11+10; Jack’s 11-2; Pop 11-6; Keys 10+12; Potters 5-28; Albion 2-42

George Higgins Builders Premiership Top Spot: A Greenlees (169 Masonic) 19; J Turnbull (Windy Ha B) 19; G Findlay (Windy Ha B) 18; D Lynn (Cosy) 18; T McNamara (Bobby’s Bar) 18; J Tomelty (Castlehill) 18; W Soutar (169 Masonic) 17; J Marshall (Bobby’s Bar) 17; G Stewart (Bobby’s Bar) 17; K McClure (Windy Ha) 17; D Mitchell (Windy Ha B) 17

The Carpet King Championship Top Spot: B Mitchell (Victoria) 21; J Pitt(320 Masonic) 21; J Montgomerie (Victoria) 20; J Munn (320 Masonic) 20; D Gallagher (Victoria) 19; G Clugston (Keys)19; J Cairnie (Jack’s B) 19; R Carney (Jack’s B) 19

Fixtures, Thursday March 30, The Heritage Cup Qualifying Round: Pop v Jack’s & Jack’s B v Labour Club (in the Windy Ha); Masonic 320 v Masonic 169 and Bobby’s B v Keys (in Potters); Windy Ha B v Cosy and Bobby’s v Victoria in Castlehill; Windy Ha v Albion and Vaults v Potters (in Jack’s). There will be two semi-finals of nine singles/five doubles on two boards then a final nine singles/five doubles on four boards. The winner from each venue progresses to the Heritage Cup finals and all others to the Heritage secondary events

Thursday April 6, Thistle Trophies Premiership with Lothian Butchers: Cosy v Castlehill, Windy Ha v Bobby’s, Bobby’s B v Labour Club, 169 Masonic v Windy Ha B

Thistle Trophies Championship with Sloanes Jewellers: Albion v Jack’s, Keys v 320 Masonic, Victoria v Potters, Jack’s B v Pop

Clyde Coast Circuit Golden Domino Leaderboard

1 Toni Harrigan (Clyde Coast) 10

2 Tina Alcroft (Clyde Coast) 8

3 Alistair Muir (North Ayrshire) 7

4 John Carrick (North Ayrshire) 7

5 Billy Webster (North Ayrshire) 7

6 Morag Currie (Clyde Coast) 7

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