KILWINNING Comets lined up against Kilmarnock One in their second Ayrshire League match at Greenwood Academy on Sunday morning.

A convincing performance by Comets applying defensive pressure by all players throughout the court saw them take an early lead ending the first quarter 20-4 in their favour. Comets centre Wilson provided a steady link in the centre court between the Comets defence (Pugh, Thomson and Porter) and attack (Burns, McGuinness and Thallon), which saw the Comets' lead increase to 33-12 by half-time.

All players worked hard with defensive turnovers being rewarded with good movement of the ball out of defence resulting in Comets winning the 2rd quarter 13-4. The last quarter continued, with Comets displaying good timing and movement down the court resulting in the ball working well around the attacking circle giving the Comets shooters many opportunities on goal. A high conversion rate resulted in Comets taking a comfortable win 65-19.

Comets starting line-up: GS Yvonne Thallon, GA Lisa McGuinness (C), WA Alison Burns, C Clare Wilson, WD Hannah Pugh, GD Martha Thomson, GK Frances Porter, Sub: Katie Waddell. Player of the Match for Comets was GD Martha Thomson

Kilwinning Galaxy took to the court for their first Ayrshire League match in the afternoon against St Matthew's 2 also at Greenwood Academy.

This was the first time that the newly formed Galaxy team would have the opportunity to play in a match situation.

Out of the Galaxy squad of 12, 8 players were named on the team sheet for their first outing.

The Galaxy starting line-up comprised GK Liz Sommerville, GD Katie Waddell (Co-Captain), WD Katherine Ord, C Gemma McCrorie, WA Pamela Gilbert, GA Laura Bain co-Captain), GS Claire Collins, Sub: Pauline Lochtie. Galaxy took a little time to settle their nerves in the first quarter but worked hard to support and encourage each other throughout the court. St Matthews 2 took an early lead 12-4 in the first quarter. The second quarter saw Galaxy settle into a rhythm with good movement and timing throughout the Court winning the quarter 12-8 with some solid shooting by Collins and Bain.

A defensive change saw Ord moving to GD for the third quarter with Lochtie coming on at WD and Waddell taking a well-deserved rest. St Matthew's came back with renewed attacking vigour during the 3rd quarter, which saw them edging ahead 31-19.

Further changes were made by co-coaches Thomson and Wilson in the last quarter seeing Lochtie moving from WD to WA, replacing the hard-working Gilbert. This saw Waddell return to GD and Ord return to WD in the defensive end. Galaxy fought hard with great teamwork and effort being displayed in the last quarter, which they drew 5-5 resulting in St Matthews 2 taking the win 36-24.

Overall Galaxy have every reason to be happy with a solid team performance in their first ever league match. Galaxy WA Pamela Gilbert was Player of the Match.

Other Ayrshire League Match results from November 5 were, as follows: Kilmarnock 2 v St Matthew 1 28-57; St Matthews 2 v Ayr 1 11-67

Shortlees – rest day