HIGH-flying North Ayrshire Table Tennis Club are in contention for the Scottish National League Division One title following the second set of matches in Bathgate on Saturday.

A tight table sees North Ayrshire A and Murrayfield A tied on nine points apiece with Drumchapel A just behind on eight.

In the signature clash, Murrayfield A battled back from 3-1 down to secure a vital draw with North Ayrshire A.

In the concluding clash, Calum Morrison battled it out over five tense sets against Israel Awolaj- a member of Grantham College Table Tennis Academy - who had come in to replace Colin Dalgleish in the North Ayrshire line-up. The match thoroughly entertained those watching with Morrison better able to maintain his consistency as Awolaja's big forehand misfired in the latter stages. Morrison took a 7-1 lead in the final set-and despite a brief comeback by Awolaja- closed it out 11-6 (12-10, 6-11, 9-11, 11-8, 11-6).

North Ayrshire seemed on track after Israel Awolaja dominated his match against Jan Meyer and Richie Main swept past Calum Morrison 3-0. The fact that Richie Main usually trains with his left-handed brother means that returning a left hander's serves are less of an issue for him. As Morrison ruefully conceded, Main had 'received too well' and hadn't allowed him into the match. Richie Main was also in good form as he beat Johannes Laute, with his backhand a key factor.

Jan Meyer kept Murrayfield's hopes alive with a comeback win over Chris Main as he belatedly found his attacking weapons (9-11, 11-6, 8-11, 11-8, 11-8).

Main was left a little frustrated by the result and by his own personal performance as he failed to convert two 2-1 leads.

In addition, Awolaja's (modern) defensive style had helped make the match an even better spectacle with longer and more varied rallies.

North Ayrshire had earlier defeated Scottish Vets and Fair City, both 6-0.

Drumchapel A lie just behind the two leaders and will play both Murrayfield A and North Ayrshire A in the final set of fixtures. Yaser Razouk continued his fine season (10 wins from 10 so far).

North Ayrshire’s B team continue to impress and lie in fourth place - just two points off the lead.

In Division 4, Murrayfield D lead the way with North Ayrshire C and Garnet TTC biting at the heels - just a point behind.