DOMINOES: Billy Mitchell

Clyde Coast Ladies Domino League

Results, Wednesday, January 10, Sloanes Jewellers League: Windy B 7 Elms 5, Potters 7 Crown 5, Jacks 5 Bobby’s 7, Cosy 8 Windy 4

Fixtures, Wednesday, January 17, Sloanes Jewellers League: Windy v Potters, Elms v Crown, Cosy v Bobby’s, Market v Windy

Wednesday, January 24, Sloanes Jewellers League: Windy v Elms, Bobby’s v Potters, Crown v Market, Jacks v Cosy

Sloanes Jewellers League

Windy B 12+30

Potters 8 Level

Bobby’s 6+6

Windy 4+2

Cosy 4-6

Crown 4-10

Jacks 4-10

Market 2- 4

Elms 2-8

Linda’s Alterations Top Spot

P Burns (Windy B) 11

No player is within two points of Patricia Burns

Lothian’s Butchers MVP

Cosy (S Walker) 7

Market (L Carney) 5

Potters (A Dunn ) 6

Elms (D Ayres) 5

Bobby’s (S Byrne) 7

Windy (S Jamieson) 6

Windy B (P Burns) 11

Crown (L Gillen) 6

Jack’s (F Reid) 7

THE Clyde Coast girls thus far who have confirmed for the Glasgow / Ayrshire to be staged on Sunday, March4 are Michelle McKinnie, Frances Cunningham and Doreen Ayres

North Ayrshire Domino League

Results, Thursday, January 11, Lothian’s Butchers Premiership: Bobby’s B 9 Bobby’s 11, Jack’s B 13 Masonic 320 7, Windy B 8 Windy 12, Castlehill 10 Cosy 10

Sloanes Jewellers Championship

Victoria 12 Jack’s 8, Keys 8 Pop 12, Labour Club 7 Masonic 169 13


Thursday, January 18, Lothian’s Butchers Premiership: Bobby’s v Cosy, Jack’s B v Castlehill, Masonic 320 v Windy B, Windy v Bobby’s B

Sloanes Jewellers Championship: Pop v Jack’s, Potters v Keys. Labour Club v Victoria

Thursday, January 25, League Cup Final in Castlehill Vaults, Castlehill v Jack’s

League Cup Play Off in Bobby’s Bar: Victoria v Windy B

Publicans Cup Final in Pop Inn: Windy v 169

Secondary Final in Cosy Corner: Pop v Bobby’s B, Secondary Play Off in Cross Keys

Potters v Cosy

Secondary Final in Windy Ha: Keys v Bobby’s

Secondary Play Off in Jack’s Corner: Labour Club v 320

No Game: Jack’s B

Lothian’s Butchers Premiership

Bobby’s 14+22

Jack’s B 13+26

Windy B 10+8

Masonic 320 10 +4

Windy 9-2

Cosy 6-16

Bobby’s B 5-14

Castlehill 5-28

Sloanes Jewellers Championship

Victoria 16+48

Jack’s 11+16

Masonic 169 9 +2

Pop 8-4

Keys 8-8

Potters 6- 10

Labour Club 5-20

George Higgins Builders Premiership Top Spot

A Munn (Windy B) 23. No player is within 2 points of A Munn

The Carpet King Championship Top Spot

P McIntyre (Keys) 19

C McBlain (Victoria) 19

W O’Rourke (Victoria) 19

A Niven (169) 18

J O’Hare (Pop) 18

A Clark (Potters) 18

B Mitchell (Victoria) 18

R McNamara (Labour Club) 18

J McGuire (Pop) 17

G McLaughlin (Potters) 17